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3 Ways Banks Rely on Server Movers for Safe Relocation

3 Ways Banks Rely on Server Movers for Safe Relocation

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, January 19 6:00

No matter how established a bank is in a location, occasionally the need may arise for that bank to move its personnel, furniture, and equipment elsewhere. Whether it has outgrown its location, the building owner is selling, or it simply wants to enjoy the high traffic available in another location, when a bank relocates it generally is much more complex than a typical office move.

Server movers who specialize in bank relocations can use their experience to make the moving process easier for businesses. Using that experience, a server moving company will work in the months leading up to the relocation to carefully plan each aspect of the move. A bank s technology has specialized move needs, making it imperative that the bank chooses a company that specializes in IT relocation for financial institutions.

Ensuring Compliance

Because a bank s servers and user workstations store sensitive customer data, each step of the move must be designed to keep these devices protected. Banks face regulatory requirements related to safeguarding customer data. When a bank chooses IT movers who specialize in financial relocations, it does so with the assurance that the IT portion of the move will be in full compliance with all regulations.

During the move, qualified data center relocation specialists will wear clothing that clearly identifies them as working for the server moving company. Equipment will be attended by IT movers at every step of the process, from the time it leaves the building until the time it arrives at the new location. During transport, servers and computers will be stored in a secure, temperature-controlled truck to avoid damage or theft.

Minimum Downtime

Prior to the move date, server movers will sit down with the bank s leadership and outline a plan for securing equipment during the course of the move. This will include ensuring minimum downtime during the move. Since many banks are closed for official federal holidays, often moves can be planned over an extended weekend to allow as much time as possible for testing systems before the bank opens on the next business day.

If possible, server movers will work with a bank to test applications and files in the days leading up to a move to make sure they ll work once the equipment is at a new location. With new wiring and configurations, sometimes businesses experience slight hiccups during the early days after a move. Since a bank s operations are so important, ensuring everything will work flawlessly following a move is essential.

Peace of Mind

Among the most important assets an IT relocation company offers a business is peace of mind. By turning technology matters over to the experts, a bank can progress with move planning, focusing on other areas of move coordination rather than worrying that technology might not operate properly.

When a bank knows its customer data will be well taken care of during a move, that bank knows it is providing the best level of customer service possible. By working with a server moving company, a bank can implement a move that goes smoothly for both its employees and its valued members.

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