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3 Tips for Keeping Equipment Safe During a Conference

3 Tips for Keeping Equipment Safe During a Conference

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, April 20 6:00

It s almost impossible to participate in a conference these days without using technology. Whether you ve rented a booth in the exhibition area or you re handling a breakout workshop, you ll probably rely on electronics to do it. For your workshops and presentations, you ll probably have the benefit of the host s projector, unless you re the host. For exhibitions, however, you ll probably be required to bring your own multimedia.

Businesses have the option of relying on server movers to transport equipment to the conference location. Those experts can ensure the equipment arrives at its destination unharmed, then retrieve it and transport it back once the conference is over. But in the days between, conference participants and hosts are often left with the dilemma of storing that equipment overnight. Here are three tips from technology movers for keeping your projectors, televisions, screens, and other equipment safe at a conference when they aren t in use.

Ask for a Lockable Storage Space

The best option, if you can manage it, is to have access to a space that locks overnight. Some hotels and conference centers offer this option, whether it s a dedicated storage area or one of the small rooms being used for the conference. This space allows multiple conference participants to store their A/V and computer equipment overnight in an area that locks. If this option is used, the meeting host should oversee access to the room to make sure conference attendees aren t free to remove items from the area without authorization as soon as it s unlocked each morning.

Invest in Equipment Locks

If a room isn t available, equipment locks can be used to keep equipment safe overnight. Kensington makes a series of locks for laptops, desktops, and tablets that can help keep some of your items safe. You can also purchase locks for projectors and anti-theft security kits for flat-screen televisions. Even if you re locking items up at night, these extra security devices can keep your equipment safe throughout the day during those times your booth or conference rooms are unattended.

Make It Mobile

The best place for your equipment each night is in your own hotel room. If you have the space to store it, you can bring along a cart that allows you to easily pack up your equipment each night and transport it to your room. There it can be stored in an unused corner all night, then rolled back down to the conference area every morning for use. If the number of items you have is small, you can even pack it in a rolling suitcase to cart back and forth each day.

Your server movers can guide you toward the best solution to meet your particular needs. You can even call ahead to check on options that may be provided by the hotel, conference center, or event host that you haven t even considered. By planning in advance, you ll be able to have a worry-free conference and spend less time dealing with equipment security and more time networking with others.

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