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3 Tips for Avoiding a Data Breach during an IT Relocation

3 Tips for Avoiding a Data Breach during an IT Relocation

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, October 20 6:00

As corporate concern continues to grow in light of the Kmart and Home Depot data breaches, businesses are taking an interest in ensuring their data is secure at all times. This is especially true for businesses that deal with regulated consumer data, such as patient or credit card information.

For many businesses, data resides safely in a secure location, with access locked down to a select group of authorized professionals. During an IT relocation, however, this security can be compromised, with multiple workers moving throughout an area during the moving process. It would be easy for an unauthorized person to gain access and put sensitive systems at risk. Here are three tips that can help keep your systems safe during a server move.

Use Experienced IT Movers

Professional server movers are well aware of the importance of keeping systems secure. Each worker is carefully screened and procedures are in place to avoid problems. Each worker will wear clothing that clearly designates them as employees of the server moving company, reducing the risk that an outside person could gain access to secure areas. Your sever movers should be aware of the importance of keeping data safe at all times, which means taking responsibility for ensuring equipment is never unattended.

Control Access

During a move, propped-open doors can serve as an invitation to intruders. To maintain security during an IT relocation, it will be well worth the extra expense of stationing an employee at those entrances to monitor those who are coming and going. If the server movers are given card access to secure areas at the destination site, that access should be cut off as soon as the move is finished. The Target data breach occurred when a vendor's credentials were stolen, which highlighted the importance of controlling access at all times. Well in advance of the move date, you should make sure security is in place at the new facility and access is granted to the appropriate parties. This will ensure everyone who needs to have access immediately following the move has it.

Chaperon Transport

While IT staff can oversee an IT relocation at the departing and arriving buildings, a truck can be intercepted in transport, especially if the server movers make a stop along the way. By assigning someone to chaperon the IT movers from the time they leave your old location to the time they arrive at the new location, you can rest assured your data remained safe throughout. If you've hired a professional server moving company, they'll have procedures in place to prevent a theft along the way. Still, serving as chaperon will allow you to assure your corporate users that you took every measure possible to keep data safe.

If you're planning an IT relocation, data security is an absolute must. Your valuable files, applications, and customer information could be put at risk if equipment falls into the wrong hands during the move. Since a data breach can result in severe fines and a loss of customer trust, it's important that businesses take extra measures to safeguard equipment.

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