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3 Steps to Make Your Data Center More Environmentally-Friendly in 2018

3 Steps to Make Your Data Center More Environmentally-Friendly in 2018

by Stephanie Faris on Tuesday, January 02, 2018 11:00

A business's data center can be the most important area of its operations, powering everything from its internal file storage to its website. It can also be the most energy-intensive, contributing to a global problem that is only worsening. According to a study from the National Resources Defense Council, the US's three million data centers consume enough energy to power the entirety of New York City's households for two years.

If you run a server room or data center, you may be thinking there isn't much you can do to reduce the power you use on a daily basis. But here are three things you can do that may make a big difference long term.

Decommission Old Servers

As the defense council points out, up to 30 percent of servers aren't in active use, but they still continue to draw a large amount of power. As 2018 begins, commit to conducting a thorough audit of your server room. Note the applications and files that are stored on each, as well as its regular daily usage as noted in the server log. Consider consolidating some of your stored information onto a smaller group of servers so that you can get rid of dormant equipment and save money and energy. You should also take the time to ensure your equipment is spaced properly, with proper ventilation provided for each server. The more you can do to reduce waste, the more satisfaction your business will have that you're positively contributing to the future of the planet.

Move to the Cloud

One way to reduce your energy utilization is to invest in cloud solutions to replace some of your on-premise operations. This may simply mean shifting to a SaaS-based CRM to replace an old proprietary application. As you make the switch, focus on ways you can consolidate to have few pieces of equipment drawing power in your server room on a daily basis. By choosing cloud solutions for some of your business functions, you'll also eventually be able to operate with fewer full-time IT support employees, which will help save on the energy they're utilizing as part of doing their jobs each day.

Consider Alternative Energy Sources

In addition to making a conscious decision to use green building materials and flooring, you should also pay close attention to the many alternative energy types available for server rooms today. Solar energy can be sourced to power a data center or server room, but it means an investment in installing photovoltaic panels. Evaporative cooling can help offset the enormous expense of keeping a server room at the proper temperature.

In addition to your data center initiatives, you should also consider implementing a recycling program for your equipment disposal. As you're offloading old servers and peripherals, along with PCs and mobile devices, make sure you take advantage of local recycling options. National Computer Warehouse Services specializes in helping businesses with their equipment recycling needs, including safely disposing of old hard drives to ensure your data remain secure at all times. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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