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3 IT Services You Should Always Outsource to Experts

3 IT Services You Should Always Outsource to Experts

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, June 15 6:00

As more businesses move to the cloud, the concept of information technology support keeps shifting. Small and mid-sized businesses have found that they no longer have to retain a full-time help desk to install software and troubleshoot issues. Server support personnel are no longer required to manage a business s network infrastructure, freeing up these businesses to put its resources toward hiring employees to manage and run their day-to-day business needs.

Even larger businesses have begun to see the many benefits of outsourcing IT support. While they may still have professionals on hand to handle day-to-day server management, some duties make more sense to outsource, both for cost effectiveness and the ability to access expertise on an issue. Here are three IT services businesses of all sizes should consider outsourcing.

Technical Support Call Intake

Even with a ticketing system in place, accepting and logging calls from end users is a time-consuming process that can be handled with a minimal level of expertise. There is a benefit to having top-level staff answering phones, since those workers can often troubleshoot items by phone or screen-sharing tools and save on-site professionals from having to stop by. However, in recent years, businesses have realized the cost savings involved in having less experienced team members answer the phone, log the issue, and have a higher-tier employee call as time allows.

Businesses of all sizes, however, can benefit from outsourcing support call center operations to skilled providers. Outsource workers can take calls, log the information into a ticketing system, and escalate them to more experienced workers to complete.

IT Planning

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? What are your information systems goals for the next five years? Business leaders and IT teams are so overwhelmed with work, it can be easy to go from one year to the next without putting these important plans in place.

Outsourcing IT planning processes not only frees workers up to focus on their daily tasks, but it also ensures the job is done correctly. Business analysts who specialize in this type of planning will take an objective approach, providing information you wouldn t have been able to access without it.

Equipment Moves

Occasionally, businesses relocate either their equipment or their personnel or both. Because most businesses only move every few years, if that, they generally don t have a full staff on hand to handle a move. This means your current staff is forced to spend time handling tasks that are extremely foreign to them.

By outsourcing the process of moving your equipment from one location to another, you can allow your team to focus on building and growing your business. You ll also have access to the expertise of professionals who specialize in such moves, giving you the reassurance you need that your equipment will make it to its destination safely.

Most professionals have more to do each day than they can possibly handle. By taking advantage of the many outsourcing opportunities available, workers can focus on the tasks they need to do to build and grow your business.

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