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3 Reasons to Bring in Help for Your Server Relocation Project

3 Reasons to Bring in Help for Your Server Relocation Project

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, July 13 6:00

When it s time to move your servers, you ll need workers. Even a small server room can take up countless hours of professional time. If you choose to hand the entire job over to your existing staff, you ll need to understand that the work they ll need to do will be in addition to their existing duties. You ll need someone to spend time planning, executing, and following up once the move is complete to ensure as seamless a transition as possible. Whether you have one IT worker or dozens, here are three great reasons to bring in help for a small-term project like an equipment relocation.

Channel Years of Experience

Each of your IT workers likely has experience in his chosen area. Whether this is setting up servers, keeping your infrastructure secure, or troubleshooting hardware and software, this expertise keeps your company running. In the vast majority of companies, however, server moves are rare, occurring only once or twice in an employee s time in a position, if at all.

When your company chooses to bring in an expert to handle your relocation, you re dealing with employees who have successfully moved servers numerous times. They likely handle multiple moves on a daily basis. That expertise is especially useful in a planning phase, when you need someone to advise you on what to expect.

Reduce Liability

When your salaried workers handle your move, you re taking a major risk. If one of those workers is injured during the move process, you ll be tasked with a worker s compensation claim, as well as having an employee out of commission during the healing process. During that time, you ll have to find a way to cover the duties that worker handled every day, which is especially difficult if the employee s knowledge was highly specialized.

Professional server movers carry liability insurance on each move to protect against such injuries. This also includes damage to equipment and facilities. This insurance protects you during the move process, while also giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your employees will remain in good physical health after the move is complete.

Focus on Other Things

If a business is operating efficiently, every hour is put toward achieving business-related goals. Technology workers are spending time working on projects that will help grow the business, as well as making sure devices and software is protected from malware and data breaches. When a business shifts those workers to a large project like a move, daily business processes pay the price.

By choosing a seasoned professional to handle your server relocation, you ll be able to continue business as usual during the move planning process. Your IT staff will likely still be an instrumental part of the process, but they ll have the help of experts, which will serve as a tremendous relief.

If a server move is in your future, professional server movers can be a big help. You ll have the benefit of an experienced professional and keep your full-time staff free to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

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