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3 Dangers That Can Damage Your Server Hard Drives

3 Dangers That Can Damage Your Server Hard Drives

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, April 16, 2018 11:30

Computer components aren't damage-proof, despite advancements in technology. When those sensitive components are inside a server, the stakes are much higher than when they're in a laptop or desktop computer. One server can provide files and applications for a business's entire workforce. If you maintain on-site servers, whether in a data center or server room, it's important to protect against three dangers that can put your data at risk.


Your servers need an environment with a consistent temperature, ideally between 68 and 72 degrees. This can be difficult, since the combined heat from server equipment will easily raise the temperature in a room. That means server teams must invest in a reliable, dedicated air conditioning unit that will keep the temperature steady 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to dedicated air conditioning, there are things IT teams can do during setup to maintain good airflow around the equipment. It's important to gather cables and bind them to prevent them from gathering around the air vents that help keep the internal components cool. In addition to causing those components to fail, consistent overheating will slow performance down, affecting productivity, so it's important to prioritize server room temperature.


Dusting may not be your favorite thing, but in the server room, it's essential. If these areas are off limits to your overnight cleaning crews, they can easily fall into neglect. Unfortunately, though, dust buildup has a very direct impact on your server health, since dust can easily make its way into the vents designed to keep internal components cool.

On a regular basis, invest in professional server room cleaning that will address dust buildup in your air conditioning unit, as well as your servers. A professional cleaning service can eliminate dust safely, removing it from the air. A filter for your air conditioner could also help cut down on dust at minimal expense.


Although shock won't be an issue on a daily basis, it can become a problem if you're moving to a new location or rearranging equipment. An accidental drop or shake can harm internal components. Although the hard drive is bolted in place, it's still important to keep it stable at all times.

When moving or installing a new server, move slowly and do all you can to keep it stable. For relocating to a truck, use pallets and shock-absorbing padding as you transport it on the dolly and set it up on the truck. Don't underestimate the amount of shock that could take place during transit in a vehicle. It's better to be safe than sorry when packing servers into position for a move, whether it's cross-town or cross-country.

National Computer Warehouse Services specializes in helping businesses with data center relocation projects. If you have a move planned, we can set up a plan to help you move, safely dispose of old equipment, set up your equipment at the new location, and much more. Our server experts are trained to keep servers and other equipment safe through every phase of a project.

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