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3 Benefits of a Professional Server Room Cleaning

3 Benefits of a Professional Server Room Cleaning

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, August 25 6:00

Server rooms are often set up and left to operate, day after day. Occasionally, an administrator may enter to change tapes or reboot a misbehaving server, but for the most part they remain on constant lockdown. But when deserted for too long, dust and debris can build up in a server room or data center, leading to serious, costly problems.

The problem is often exacerbated by the fact that cleaning crews are usually prohibited from entering server rooms as they clean the floors of all of the areas that surround it. Because the equipment is so sensitive, the answer isn't to simply open the doors to standard office cleaners occasionally. That can lead to disaster. Instead, a business should contract with a professional server cleaner to ensure the room is cleaned properly. Here are three benefits to getting on a regular server room cleaning schedule.

Equipment Longevity

Dust particles are carried through the air, making their way into the vents in the back of equipment and racks. Over time, the dust builds up on the fans inside the equipment, reducing the ability to cool the electronic equipment inside. Heat has the ability to dramatically reduce the lifespan of sensitive components like hard drives, resulting in repeated failures.

Another area of dust buildup is the air conditioner that keeps server rooms at the required temperatures. Without a properly functioning a/c unit, the combined equipment in a typical server room can cause the room to reach extreme temperatures. Excessive dust in a room can cause vents to become clogged, and damage the sensitive components required for a unit to function properly.

Reduce Electrical Risks

As dust particles travel to electrical components, they bring another danger with it. Moisture, the enemy of electronics, can gather on dust particles and get into the inner circuitry of equipment, creating a short circuit. When fans act as they should, this danger is lessened, but in a dusty environment, this might not be the case.

A professional server room cleaning service knows the exact cleaning methods to use to safely remove dust from the air. Traditional cleaning services may use dangerous chemicals that can damage equipment, but professionals are well aware of the correct products to use.

Reduce Accident Risks

Even if your server room sees limited traffic, dirt, dust, and debris pose a danger to both workers and contractors. This could pose a liability to your business, since one fall could result in a lawsuit or workers compensation claim. Keeping floors and equipment clean also provides a safer, cleaner breathing environment for those who are tasked with spending significant amounts of time in the room. Additionally, a dust-free server room will make for a more pleasant experience if the time comes to move or recycle servers.

Server room cleaning is an affordable service that can save businesses significant money over time. By choosing a professional service to keep your server clean, your business can keep equipment safe and workable throughout its expected lifespan.

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