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Implement A Data Center Relocation Method

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Implement A Data Center Relocation Method

There are several options, and interpretations to a data center relocation method. There are probably almost as many ways to conduct a data center relocation or consolidation as there are consultants and I.T. vendors who offer these complex services.

The experience and skills of the people involved in planning and moving your data center significantly matter. While most I.T. methods share some basic commonalities, there can be significant differences based on the size of the project, the scope of the migration (local, across-country, or international), and the capabilities of the team that will be responsible for the project s success.

Project scale Outside of the largest organizations, those with mature program and project management offices, the requisite skills and experience to manage a project of this size and complexity may be scarce or inadequately supported particularly for a data center relocation. That s where NCWS comes in.

Complexity Unless your project manager team is data center relocation -experienced, the amount, diversity, and depth of detailed information that must be uncovered, analyzed, and acted upon will be a real challenge. Even to the most experienced IT personnel.

Focus In many small systems and non-I.T. business or office relocation, the focus is more on completion the project. How it is accomplished just isn't as complicated as a data center move. In a Data Center Relocation, the how becomes critically important. However, don t confuse an effective data center relocation planning method with a project management method. They are complementary, but different enough in a number of subtle ways as to contribute to significant problems later on if you aren't aware of the differences in focus, detail, and technique.

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